Napa Sutra

(A subset of the 100 popular Napping Styles listed in the book . . .)

Of course the original Napa Sutra was written by Shah’llaii’sa’leep in ancient Napapotamia; that popular tome’s title has since been used as a generic term for any book of napping styles and technique. Here Napa Sutra is used just as the title of a list of the napping styles currently popular, circa early 21st century.

If you’ve developed a “specialty nap” of your own, we’ll list it here – with credit by name to you! (For now, just email us at TheDalaiNapa at Napism.Info.)

Note: An alert Napist (no, that’s not an oxymoron) has brought to our attention that our Napa Sutra has the glaring omission of the Classroom Nap! So, yes, one could say that author was caught napping . . .



a.k.a. TV Naps

When you encounter a sudden and very localized spike in the power of gravity and you . . . just . . . can’t . . . stay . . . vertical. (Note: Relative to the general population, skilled Napists tend to be more in tune with the universe and its mysterious cosmic forces, so nearly all non-nappers simply cannot sense the “hole” in the gravity and meet claims of Gravity-Well Abductions with quite a bit of skepticism.)

Who are we to argue when the Gods speak and make their wishes known?

Commonly referred to as a SSTMS Nap.

When your spouse, companion, workmate, or whomever obviously needs a nap but will not admit it to himself, and you call for quiet so you can nap, he is much more likely to quiet himself and perhaps slip into a nap. (This is a popular way many selfless Napists “take one for the team.”)

a.k.a. The Drunken Boy Scout Nap