For those who take their naps “religiously” . . .

Sleep: the final fun here.
These are the thoughts of the Nap Masters,
their continuing mission:
to explore strange new dream-worlds;
to seek out new nap places, positions, and styles;
to boldly nap when and where no one has napped before . . . 

The wisdom of Napfucious and N’apseop’s Fables. . . a Napa Sutra (list of napping styles). . . NapFu . . .

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Note: this is both a website and a book, each with material better suited to the medium. For example, the website has FREE downloadable Napist screen savers, a video of a “Napping blues” song, and so on, while the book has much more complete text.

Nap Note! (A Napa Sutra omission!)

Note: An alert Napist (no, that’s not an oxymoron) has brought to our attention that our Napa Sutra has the glaring omission of the Classroom Nap! So, yes, one could say that author was caught napping . . . Thank you to our Napist brother Mehrdad!

Nap Note! (The Natty Boh Nap)

We’ve been informed that decades ago a Mr. Don Wilson created the “Natty Boh Nap” while working the night shift at the famous Baltimore brewery. He fell asleep while standing up, which soon resulted in a brewing vat overflowing the suds out through the roof and on to the street with the passing cars. Not only is sleeping while standing a difficult nap form, to have your nap precipitate a literally “over the top” real-life madcap comedy scene is very, very rare. Kudo’s to Mr. Wilson!

Nap Note! (Spreading The Word)

Great news! Not only can you can you “better-fy” your karma by spreading the word of Napism, YOU can earn money by selling the Napism.Info book through your blog or website – just sign up as an Amazon affiliate. Maybe your “Baby needs a new pair of shoes . . . “